CLD Civil & Earthmoving are a young family business which prides itself on quality construction and our ability to deliver rapidly. Put together by Christopher Coxhead and Leah Dieperink. CLD stands for Chris, Leah and Daughters. We are a young and vibrant team of professionals who have both worked solely in the civil and mining industries. With a combined 20 years experience, Chris runs the company out in the field while Leah takes care of office admin and OH&S.

We are a company whom offer excellent service and reliability with a more in touch hands on approach. We have a small team of highly experienced employees and are guaranteed to deliver.

Our team at CLD Civil & Earthmoving strive for excellence as we rely on repeat work from our valued clients and quality of workmanship. We believe in completing projects in a manner that enables us to not only deliver quickly, but most importantly delivering a quality product to the satisfaction of our clients.

No matter how big or small the project, CLD Civil & Earthmoving will put in maximum effort to ensure results that our valued clients are completely happy and satisfied with.

At the CLD Civil core is a team of professionals with many years of experience, an ability to manage a vast range of civil construction projects and most importantly to us, a passion to meet our clients’ goals and objectives.

Being a small family owned and operated business, CLD Civil do not have big overheads like major contractors. This allows us to competitively price works to save our clients money.

The CLD Civil vision to deliver quality projects at realistic prices shows in our everyday dealings, by achieving affordable success for our clients.


Commitment to the Client
We commit completely to delivering the best possible project success at the best price for our clients and stakeholders.

Integrity and Honesty

We honour our commitments and do what we say we will do. We form open and accountable relationships with our clients. We communicate issues early and offer solutions aimed at achieving the Client’s objective. We act professionally at all times and are committed to our values.

Safety and Environment
We ensure the safest possible environments for our staff, our clients and the community whilst minimising our impact on the environment. We provide our team with ongoing support and training to ensure we achieve best practice in occupational health, safety and environment.

Quality & Flexibility
We will work with you to get it right the first time. We are flexible in our approach and work to accommodate change, whilst continuously applying a methodical manner to ensure quality targets are achieved.

Harmony & Collaboration
We partner with our clients and our people to deliver successful construction outcomes. We build collaborative relationships with our clients, contractors and council staff because we know and understand that good relationships are vital to achieving excellent results.